Cloud Services

Cloud has changed the way IT services are delivered. What are the key benefits that cloud adoption and how can it help your business?

The key benefits IMO are business continuity, disaster recovery and the capability to have network access from potentially anywhere allows users increased productivity. The ability to take advantage of new technology and vendor offerings should also not be overlooked.

There are disadvantages to a cloud based model. One benefit that is thrown around is cost savings. In my experience this tends not to be the case. Vendors/cloud suppliers often band about various web pages showing the true value of moving your entire infrastructure estate to the cloud. This is all well good however this tends to be based on a Utopian ideal and In the real world this just does not happen.
Most organisations cannot migrate their entire infrastructure, generally due to legacy applications and this leads to a hybrid environment. Although there are significant benefits to having even a part cloud based cloud model, this will have an impact on your business from both a support and financial perspective.